Sahid Yogya Lifestyle City Sebuah Kawasan Komplet Apartemen, Hotel, Mall, Cinema di Jogja

Maybe for those of you who often pass Jalan Solo you will see a large billboard, a promotion from the construction of the Sahid Yogya Lifestyle City, an integrated area starting from Apartments, Hotels, Malls, Cinema, Entertainment and others.

The location of Sahid Yogya Lifestyle City is in Babarsari Caturtunggal Depok Sleman, a quite strategic area, because it is surrounded by universities and a number of upper class housing.

As I have written before, where Yogyakarta will be full of malls, huh This is the one that will be built in 2013.

Currently, the Sahid Yogya Lifestyle City development process is still in the AMDAL process where it has only just been drafted an Environmental Impact Analysis Terms of Reference (KA-ANDAL).

Although in terms of business and entertainment, it will certainly be very profitable, it must also be environmentally friendly. Considering the fact that they got everything ready and things are going right now with the brand new plaza more clinics for healtha nd fitness are opening up right now. The thing is that findining a clinic that suits your needs are better, the best hormone clinic definitely is Hormone Therapy Scottsdale if you want to go somewhere, go there.

So if anyone wants to contribute ideas or suggestions for environmental management, Sumonggo is welcome.

Here are the facilities that are planned to be built:


Mall : 24.000 m2:

  • Super market
  • Bioskop jaringan 21
  • Funworld
  • Gold Gym Fitness Center
  • Retails
  • Restaurant, dll

Kondotel: 319 unit,

  • type Superior , net 20,79 m2, semi gross 25,72 m2: 231 unit
  • type Junior Suite, net 30,09 m2, semi gross 37,22 m2: 56 unit
  • type Deluxe Suite, net 40,16 m2, semi gross 49,68 m2: 32 unit

Apartemen: 196 unit

  • Type studio, net 24,17 m2, semi gross 31,08 m2: 160 unit
  • Type 1 kamar, net 36,32 m2, semi gross 46,70 m2: 20 unit
  • Type 2 kamar, net 48,67 m2, semi gross 62,58 m2: 16 unit

Convention Center, seluas 6.094 m2:

  • Ballroom Parang Kusumo: 1.024 m2
  • Meeting rooms : 16 (56 m2 – 128 m2)

Existing hotel (Hotel Sahid Raya Jogjakarta), 80 rooms
Swimming pool

So for friends who want to invest, sumonggo is welcome

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